Build a Unicorn

Build a Unicorn

The odds of becoming a unicorn are < 1%. The odds of building a SUCCESSFUL unicorn (Ex.: Amazon, Facebook, etc.) are about the same as winning the lottery.

Venture Capital Funnel Shows Odds of Becoming a Unicorn Are Less than 1%

The venture capital funnel highlights the natural selection inherent in the venture capital process. 70% of companies are orphaned or die along the way.

Want to Get Rich? Why It Is Foolish to Try and Build a 'Unicorn'

This is a Q&A with Dr. Basil Peters, the CEO of Strategic Exits corp, best-selling author of Early Exits and successful entrepreneur-he was the founder of Nexus engineering, now part of Cisco, that grew to over 300 employees on 5 continents. Let's start with a brief background.

There’s no shame in a $100M startup

The era of unicorn startups has created a distorted view of entrepreneurial success. All the talk about billion-dollar exits has inflated the numbers that define a win. Starting and selling a company for $100 million dollars is an outlier event in terms of pure entrepreneurial probability, but such outcomes are viewed as well short of success in many corners of today’s startup world.

Startup Unicorns Are Rare. This Study Suggests They Should Be Even Rarer

Not all shares are created equal, and preferences for some shareholders can leave employees with nothing after a company is sold.

Why I Fucking Hate Unicorns and the Culture They Breed

Something is rotten in tech startup land. Don’t call me a hater for saying so. It’s not that I’m anti innovation or a disbeliever in disruption or calling it a full-scale bubble or saying every…


Follow Your Passion

"One of the great lies of life, is follow your passions." - Mark Cuban