Rodrigo Martinez - Exit Strategy from Day One

An exit strategy IS the greatest value driver for a startup. A strategic exit IS the greates value creator for entrepreneurs. Advocating for exits since 1999.

2012 - Startup Grind Singapore Welcomes Rodrigo Martinez

Tired with a blue Monday? Grab yourselves some beers and get grinding with an awesome speaker at our Startup Grind monthly meetup on Monday evening, On November 19th. Let’s welcome Rodrigo, an entrepreneur from Brazil who just landed in Singapore 6 months ago. He’s a successful internet visionary, a serial entrepreneur with 2 successful startup exits with the latter exited after a year and a half. He’s also an investor at Come to meet him and get inspired about his stories on how to get focused from day one, with a vision to create value for the customers and identify who are the big players likely to acquire your startup, laying the road for a big exit strategy. Yet he also made some mistakes along the way. He will share them all. We welcome all startups to join and share your exit strategy with us, if you so you will recieve a free entry pass for sure. After telling us your strategy Rodrigo will help you judge it. He’s perfectly qualified as he is to be one of the mentors at the JFDI bootcamp next year

2015 - Know Your Exit Strategy From Day One

Basil Peters, CEO of Strategic Exits Corp., explains why entrepreneurs should choose between the three main exit strategies early on.

2016 - This is the best time for building and exiting firms: Martinez

Serial Internet entrepreneur Rodrigo Martinez urges entrepreneurs to be strategic about making exits from their business

2017 - Exclusive Interview with Steve Blank: ‘Start Planning for Acquisition on Day One’

Pioneers was delighted to welcome serial entrepreneur and founder of the Lean Startup Movement Steve Blank to our buzzing Pioneers Community Event in Vienna earlier this week. In the first of two exclusive interview pieces with the legendary Silicon Valley mentor, here he shares some invaluable tips for startups.

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