Payback for Venmo |

Tony Robbins and Venmo co-founder on finding your own story and getting to “yes”

How to Sell a Business: Why Entrepreneurs Need to Have an Exit Strategy

For most entrepreneurs, the thrill of the beginning is addicting. The idea of taking an idea, something so small and abstract, and then turning it into a full-fledged and functioning business is invigorating. Sometimes this feeling can be so exciting, though, that it causes entrepreneurs to lose sight of the end of the road. It might not seem like it now, but there will come a time when you will want to exit your business and move onto something else. But few entrepreneurs accept this reality. In fact, around 65 percent of small business owners do not have a plan

Why You Should Think About the End Game From Day One

Beth Marcus, co-founder and CEO of Playrific, explains why it's smart to strategize your exit earlier on in the business.