'Fail fast, fail often' may be the stupidest business mantra of all time

I've been in many meetings where the group leader cites the mantra, 'fail fast, fail often.' Consistently, however, they choke by the third f-word. Maybe it's too much alliteration - but I think it's something more.

Part 2: Why "Fail Fast, Fail often" is Wrong | TEDtalks speaker Larry Smith | AQ's Blog and Grill

Part 3: Steve Jobs, Donald Trump and Richard Branson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pol6uD4CdXg&list=PL5m4ZrZIbUg2XM6lp5R099SUgDO5tyibv Part 4: A Thoughtful ...

Why 'Fail Fast, Fail Often' Is All Hype

Learning from mistakes is natural and taking risks is what entrepreneurs do. That doesn't mean you fetishize failure.

Is Failure Good? | Altucher Confidential

Is failure good? In my opinion, failure is the worst thing possible. You feel sick. You feel like you're going to die. You feel like if you don't die you might kill yourself.

Why Silicon Valley's 'Fail Fast' Mantra Is Just Hype

The cheerful, "Hooray for failure!" chatter has gotten too glib. The key isn't to rationalize failure or mistakes or catastrophes, but to embrace resilience and the ability to bounce back.


You NEED Investors

"You can NEVER build anything big without investors." - Misinformed Venture Capitalist from Southeast Asia.