Internet Trends - Human Curation, URLs and Micro-Sites

Algorithms have yet to deliver on the expectations of millennials creating tremendous opportunity for human curation tools that allow a caring human being to curate content for his fellow human being.

P&G Contends Too Much Digital Ad Spending Is a Waste

After publicly pressuring major technology platforms to help clean up the online ad market and fork over more information about the effectiveness of digital ads, Procter & Gamble slashed its spending on digital advertising by more than $200 million last year.

Make Your Idea Real Like Danica Patrick | GoDaddy

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Chase Had Ads on 400,000 Sites. Then on Just 5,000. Same Results.

The bank found that limiting its advertising to preapproved hosts, to avoid proximity to fake news or offensive videos, did not hurt its visibility.

Google is testing ads in its app Feed - Marketing Land

Ad-free footprints don't last long online. Especially if that footprint is controlled by Google. The online ad giant is now testing native ads in the Google Feed. Users began noticing them this week, Android Police first reported. Previously branded Google Now, the Google Feed displays personalized content feed on the home tab in the Google app.

A new YouTube Kids app will use human curators to protect your young ones

YouTube takes one more step in its ongoing effort to clean up the kid-friendly video streaming app.

The Millennial Curation Wave Pushing Back Against Automation

Indeed, there is a growing movement to take back curation from the tyranny of algorithms. A world of post-fact truthiness has made imperative a human touch from trusted sources in decision-making. As such, we ask our Facebook hivemind what to see abroad and what to buy, which schools to put our kids in and which doctors are best.

Experts reveal Super bowl ads have abandoned hashtags in favor of URLs

Out of 66 ads only 30% of them had a hashtag - while 41% included a URL This year had a 15% decrease in number of hashtags used in commercials Twitter handles were only shown in 5 commercials and Facebook in 4 It could be the end of the hashtag.