Before you get out of the building, get out of your comfort zone!

"Lean canvas is a pure mistake...conceptually it's stupid." — Prof. Yves Pigneur

Canadian entrepreneurs can’t rely on Silicon Valley ‘lean startup’ bible, author admits

Communities and industry clusters need to start collecting their own data on what works and doesn’t, and create their own custom ‘playbooks’ for winning in world markets, Steve Bl…

What's Wrong With the Lean Start-up

It sounds like straightforward enough advice to build a better business, but the approach has serious flaws.

The Fat Startup: Learn the lessons of my failed Lean Startup

Many software copywriters or developers dream ofbuilding their own company. Those that do will likely fall under the influence of the celebrated Lean Startup movement. My co-founders and I did. We applied Lean Startup doctrines faithfully over two years as we built a software product that si